Thursday, November 6, 2008

Apacs Edge Saber 10 Racket

Apacs EdgeSaber 10 Racket now available for sale in

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The APACS Edge Saber 10 Racket was developed with the new 'rally point scoring system' in mind. The 'Speed' in badminton has increased and all players are very keen to execute effective Power with more Control.

The EdgeSaber 10 is the ultimate control racket with the advantage of superior power generation.

Technical Specification

Construction: Hi-PER HMG/ GS Carbon Nanotech
Weight: 5U (85 +/- 1g)
Grip: G2
Length: 673mm
Balance Point: 285 +/- 3mm
Max tension: 30lbs
Flex: Stiff - Extra Stiff

Material Specifications

- GS Carbon Nanotech

The new material ‘GS Carbon Nanotube’ is adopted in both sides of the frame in order to give strength and perseverance. It holds large amount of energy at the impact, and releases it back like an arrow. It gives you depth and control in your game. The strength and flexibility of ‘GS Carbon Nanotube’ will lead your game into the next level.

- Frame

The new shaped frame will increase your swing speed and the durability. The air resistance is decreased by 3%.

- New Control support Cap

By sharpening the control support cap, it also helps to increase your swing speed. The area where your thumb contacts the grip is still maintained.

- New Built-in T-Joint

The new ‘Built in T-joint’ has evolved 2% more face stability and is now lighter by 20%.

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