7 Simple Badminton Warm-Up Drills That Will Improve Your Skills

Warming up before a game is crucial, but it doesn’t have to be boring! As casual players, we know that finding time for dedicated training or practice can be tough. However, these quick, effective drills presented by Greg and Jenny from BadmintonInsight will not only get your body ready but also sharpen your skills.

In just five minutes, you can improve your footwork, timing, and shot precision. Perfect for getting into the zone before the match starts!


1. Smash and Defense

Start by having one player lift the shuttle for the other to smash. The feeder then blocks it back to mid-court, and the smasher plays a lift shot for the other player to smash, continuing with “lift – smash – block – lift – smash – block” so the players alternate lifts each time. This drill will help both you and your partner work on your smash timing, footwork, defense, and lift accuracy. It’s all about getting that smash timing and coordination down!


2. Drives

Stand in the mid-court and practice quick, powerful drives with short, sharp actions. Focus on changing your grip swiftly between shots. This drill improves your reflexes and control over fast shots. Stay relaxed and squeeze your fingers and thumb as the shuttle makes contact with the racket to generate power. This technique will enhance your ability to handle rapid exchanges and keep the rally going strong.


3. Pressure and Defense

One player hits the shuttle down consistently (attack) while the other defends, focusing on reaction time and technique. Adjust the intensity based on your level. This drill is great for building a solid defensive game and learning to handle pressure. For the attacker at the net, it’s important to practice short, crisp hitting actions and quick grip changes. Take turns being the attacker and defender to get the most out of this drill.


4. Drop Shots

One player lifts the shuttle while the other focuses on practicing drop shots, aiming to place the shuttle near the net consistently. The goal is to make your drop shots precise and consistent. It’s a simple drill, but super effective for improving your control and touch.


5. Rear and Mid-Court

Start with a lift, then alternate between drives, pushes, and lifts. Attack every shot with speed and precision. This drill focuses on explosive movements and strategic shot placement, helping you cover the court more efficiently. For the defender it is good to work on the defense quality and lift accuracy.


6. Net Play

Stand on the service line and quickly push the shuttle back and forth. This drill is about fast reactions and short, sharp hitting actions. It’s perfect for improving your hand-eye coordination and speed.


7. Mid-Court Pushes

Push the shuttle down the tramline to hone your accuracy. Try to aim for the shots that graze the net tape. This drill is excellent for developing precise shot placement and control.


These drills are perfect for a quick, effective training session. Grab a partner and give them a try to take your game to the next level. Happy badmintoning!


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