Coach Tan Hock Peng : Where is he now?

Being someone who is 77 years of age is not easy especially when it comes to being in the badminton community with most people half his age. 

Coach Tan Hock Peng was first featured 5 years ago in our blog (click link to read). So many people told us that they are inspired to play more badminton and that it’s a sport to go to for retirees too.

We are updating what he’s been up to these few years. Coach Tan has been keeping himself so busy with coaching the wheel-chair bound players, school children and even seniors.

He is also constantly improving his lifestyle with healthy food, natural herbal supplements and activities to maintain his physical and mental health.

In 2020, when the pandemic hit, without the opportunity to play badminton so much and with many restrictions in the country,  Coach Tan kept himself busy with home exercises, music, reading, family and online coaching.

Just for the record, one of his secrets in living in a healthy state of mind is having a life mentor. He is a big fan of Jon Jandai, an advocate of happiness because he believes very much in sustainable living as well as being positive in doing simple things in life. Both Coach Tan and Jandai share the same principle which is “Do what you love and life will be less stressful and happier”

What better way to show you his dedication and full commitment serving the badminton community and as well as enriching his own fulfilling life than in pictures. Enjoy!

Spending time with the wheelchair-bound players.



Featured in a short documentary by Dan Chong. Source : Vol.1: Smashing On by Dan Chong

Source : Vol.1: Smashing On by Dan Chong

Doing pushups. Source : Vol.1: Smashing On by Dan Chong

Strengtening. Source : Vol.1: Smashing On by Dan Chong

Coaching school children

Relaxing at home

Doing continuous study on herbs



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