Apacs Dual Speed Power Badminton Racket Review (Offensive version)

The Apacs Dual Speed & Power racket at first glance looks like the Yonex Duora 10. However further inspection found that the frame design and the dual tone color arrangement is very different. The Apacs Dual comes in 2 versions, ‘Offensive’ which has Box frame design and ‘Tactical’ has Aero frame design. It’s like separating the Yonex Duora 10 into 2 different pieces of racket. For this review we will look at the Offensive version.

Hitting the shuttle from base line to opponent base line using high lob is very easy.

Smash-  Very easy to carry out.

Power – Easy to generate due to the flexible shaft.

Drop shot- Very accurate.

Driving the shuttle is both easy and powerful, most likely due to the flexible shaft, I could really feel the racket flicking the shuttle across the opponent’s court.

Defense is relatively quick and can be made with ease, even though the racket is slightly head heavy. Turns out that the light weight of the racket creates faster return time that helps defend against smashes.

Net play is a bit hard to handle, as I found that in many occasions, the shuttle ends up higher at the net than it should be. I think it is because this racket is designed for more power and repulsion.

Power generation is excellent. The combination of its slightly head heavy, flexible shaft and box frame head design, it makes smashing effortless.

The racket is stable when hitting the shuttle and not much noticeable vibration, so it is easy on my shoulder, I didn’t get shoulder pain after using it.

Play style: Recommended for Attacking and All-rounder.

Conclusion: Apacs Dual Speed & Power OFFENSIVE version is a very good all-rounder racket with a bit towards the attacking range player. The flexible shaft definitely allow me to generate more power, yet I feel control is not too compromised as the drop shot and smash is accurately executed. And I certainly like the multi-colored frame on both sides.

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