AS IS :’s very own budget corner

‘AS IS Budget Corner’ is our budget-friendly section that offers items at a reduced price (SALE prices are shown with a slashed normal price on the website).
These products are brand new, never been used before,  but they are either slightly out of the manufacturer’s specification, lightly scratched in cosmetics or discontinued items. All items in this budget corner have been thoroughly inspected to ensure functionality and performance.

Why is this a good deal?

All our rackets have undergone meticulous measurements and unfortunately some don’t meet our strict specifications. However, we have handpicked these rackets and curated a special opportunity for budget-conscious buyers, such as badminton clubs and schools. Despite not meeting the exact specifications, these rackets are crafted from premium materials and still deliver impressive performance.

General reasons for the further reduced price:
The rackets could have slight deviation in the weight and balance point. They could also have minor scratch on racket frames, which is purely cosmetic and does not impact the racket’s performance (we usually provide picture of the declared conditions. 

Enjoy the reduced price!

Shop Our AS IS Budget Corner's items at further reduced price! Limited time, limited items.

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