Badminton Training Racket

A lot of top badminton players in the world uses various training techniques to improve arm and wrist strength, and to warm up prior to a match. One of the conventional way was to use a squash racket as the training racket.

This is because of the heavier weight of the squash racket, making it suitable for resistance training. However the squash racket is still not a badminton racket, playing or practicing with the squash racket does not give you the feel and touch of a badminton racket.

Knowing this limitation and the needs of a proper badminton training racket for fellow badminton players, badminton training racket had been created to specifically solve this problem.

With these new training rackets, players can now use them to strengthen their arm and wrist works, thus improving overall shots consistency, accuracy and power.

The range of rackets available are 120g, 140g, 160g, 180g and 200g. So the selection can be based on your level, limit and preference. Training Racket can also be used in a normal game as the heavier racket will indirectly train your arm and wrist work, making your shots and smashes more powerful and stronger overtime.

It is highly recommended for all serious badminton player and to those who wanted to improve the skill and strength level to use training racket as their training routine. A well worth investment to improve your game.

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