Keeping up with the Badminton’s Best series : RSL Badminton Rackets

Badminton Bay will be releasing stories of the BEST in the badminton sport industries including badminton brands, players, products, charity organisations, events and more to recognize and appreciate each one of them in our special way.

To kick off this series of great stories, we’ll start with RSL Badminton. Enjoy reading!

RSL Badminton is a sports manufacturer from very well known for its shuttlecocks since 1928.

RSL originates from London with its first company name called Reinforced Shuttlecocks Ltd, now we know where the quality shuttlecocks really come from! RSL has massive network of super technologically advanced factories to make the world’s much needed good badminton products today.


Picture shows the place which may be the beginning of RSL Badminton. Picture credit :

RSL started its production of shuttlecocks in one of the historic ports in London where traders gather in old Cinque Port in Kent. 2 decades later, the company’s plant expands and moved to a newer and bigger factory in Sandwich, Kent which is still RSL’s office till today.

Only until 1982, its manufacturing core in Sandwich is relocated to China where more sought-after raw material as well as people resources are competitively available.

RSL’s main purpose in this business is to promote badminton as a professional sport at the same time provide access to all badminton fanatics to the benefits of their high quality products.

They have another equally great product in their business line which RSL badminton rackets. RSL focuses on high efficiency and greatness in quality when producing its badminton rackets. Each racket model is created from simple, stable yet exclusive with specially designed features that takes performance, durability and power in consideration.

Listed here are some of RSL’s World Class Manufacturing Technologies used in RSL Badminton Rackets

This is a new technology to combine different layers of Structural Carbon and High modulus Carbon together. It results in 19% more strength to our high tension frame. This means better power transfer and more accurate during impact.


With the new Super High Modulus Multi-Layered Graphite, it is important to get the ingredient right. Too much = Too brittle Too little = Too weak to transfer the power to impact. With the right amount on RSL shafts, it will contribute Super Durability, flexpower and stop the shaft from twisting.



Weight Positioning System at top plate, side plate, end plate alters the racket’s weight at different positions which changes the balance, power, racket face stability, control and feel of the racket.



A super strong lightweight handle construction with patent inner rib design. (Patent number CN 200820131576.1)

 RSL Badminton continues to become badminton players favorite brand. It continuously achieves distinction in the development of badminton equipments and is unstoppable.

4 Comments on "Keeping up with the Badminton’s Best series : RSL Badminton Rackets"

  1. which shuttlecock to buy? plastic or feather?

    • Hi Nishant,

      Plastic or feather shuttlecocks? There are several reasons to which type of shuttlecocks you should be using.
      If you want more durable shuttlecocks, plastic ones will be first choice. Plastic shuttlecocks would mean that lower racket string tension is preferred to lengthen string durability too. This would compromise the hitting/smashing feel to some experienced players.
      Feather shuttlecocks does not last that long as they are made from natural feathers, however, if you go for higher end feather shuttlecocks, they might last longer. This also depends on the usage of the shuttlecocks.
      Frequent smashers would shorten the lifespan of feather shuttlecocks.

      At the end of the day, it depends on what you can afford to buy and how you would want to feel hitting a shuttlecocks.

      Hope this explains!

      – Team

  2. I want to buy rsl. I am from vietnam

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