Review On Apacs Blend Duo 88, One Of The Bestselling Original Designs From Apacs

Apacs is known to be always on the move in creating unique badminton rackets that bring new flavours into the badminton market namely, the lightest badminton rackets in the world, thinnest shaft in the world and so on.

Created since 2013, Apacs very own Blend technology features the perfect blend of speed and power, enabling players to enjoy the best of both worlds. Blend System Design - Box + High Speed FrameThere have been rackets built with this technology ever-since such as the Apacs Blend 6000, 7000, 8000, Perfect Blend, Blend Pro but the most recent model is the one that’s caught everyone’s attention. It is the bestselling of all Blend series from Apacs, the Blend Duo 88. Apacs Blend Duo 88 has seen leading the hall of fame since early 2017.

Apacs Blend Duo 88 is the lightest of all in the unique Blend series rackets, which could be a reason why majority of Apacs light 6U racket fans choose to use. Only 79g in weight, Blend Duo 88 offers players excceptional handling during fast games.

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Get Apacs Blend Duo 88 Badminton Racket HERE.

Apacs Blend Duo 88




Apacs Blend Duo 88 Specifications
Frame Material: Hi Modulus Graphite + Blend Technology + IPN
Shaft Material: Hi Modulus Graphite
Flex: Medium (9.0)
Weight: 79g +/- 2 (6U-G2)
Length: 672mm +/- 2
Max Tension: 32lbs
Balance: 300mm +/- 3 (Head Heavy)
Grommets: 76 holes
Colours Available :  Grey, Gold, Red, Black, Navy Blue, Pink, Purple

Feedbacks received on

Sean Abbott(20/12/2018)  5/5

I bought this racket in black and another in pink for my girlfriend. The only problems I came across was that I ordered with 25 lbs of tension and I could tell it was lower than my other racket at 25 lbs. On the pink one I ordered, the factory grip was slightly placed wrong on the pink one, however I don’t leave the factory grip on anyways. This racket feels really good and it is easy to feel the difference between both sides. Overall the problems I have with my rackets don’t pertain to the quality of the racket so I think its really good for the price and my level as an intermediate player .

ZIBO ZHAO(28/11/2018) 5/5

Fantastic racquet! It is light and fast. Perfect for doubles.

Zibo Zhao(30/10/2018) 5/5

excellent racquet. light and very fast. strung to 25lb and balanced with power and accuracy! great value!

Roman Kondel(15/07/2018) 5/5

After going through many racquets this is my current favourite. The weight, the flex, the balance everything is right for me at this stage of my play.

SajithKumar Joseph(31/07/2018) 5/5


Lijo George (05/07/2018) 5/5

Very Good

Bin Zhang(19/02/2018) 5/5

Very good racket!

ganesh subbaiah(23/06/2017) 5/5 

The Racket that received in good condition. They have delivered as per the order. I would highly recommend badminton bay for buying rackets. Thanks,

Ngoc Lam(12/09/2018)

It’s amazing, it is quick, but I can still get power out of them. There were great front court, and back court, which really helps with doubles

Get Apacs Blend Duo 88 Badminton Racket HERE.

Further Information on Apacs Blend Duo 88 Badminton Racket.

Special Features
Isometric head frame Equalizes the length of main and cross strings in the stringbed, enlarging the sweet-spot for more consistent accuracy even on off-center hits.
Blend Technology Frame This technology creates the blend between the speed and power of the frame that enables the player to enjoy the best of both world. Making your shots agile, fast and powerful.
Reinforced Structure Frame

The new material is adopted in the frame in order to make the frame Ultra high Strength & Stiffness. As a result it can handle string tension of up to 38lbs.

Light Weight At 79g (6U) this light weight racket will enable you to move quickly and deliver fast swing to surprise your opponent.
76 Grommets System This single-pass grommet holes construction provides more grommet holes, creating a high-performance stringing pattern that puts 7% more durability.


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