Review on Abroz Shark Mach II, the silent killer

Are you in search of a badminton racket that combines speed and power? Look no further than the Abroz Shark Mach II, a remarkable racket that has been making waves in the badminton community since its launch just one year ago. This review will delve into the racket’s features, highlighting its strengths and advantages for players of varying skill levels.

Increased Control and Precision:
One of the standout qualities of the Abroz Shark Mach II is its remarkable increase in control compared to its predecessors. Players who prioritize accuracy and placement will find this racket to be a game-changer. The precision it offers allows for confident shot placement, making it a great choice for both singles and doubles play.

Slice and Drop Excellence:
The Abroz Shark Mach II boasts exceptional performance when it comes to executing tight slices and effective drops. Whether you’re at the back of the court or working at the net, the racket provides a level of control that allows you to outmanoeuvre your opponents with ease. The ability to execute drops from the backcourt and precise net shots gives players a versatile edge in their gameplay.

Versatility in Shot Execution:
One of the key strengths of the Abroz Shark Mach II is its versatility in shot execution. Players will appreciate its capability to effortlessly perform cross-court smashes and deft net drops. This versatility opens up a range of strategic possibilities, enabling players to keep their opponents on their toes and maintain control of the game’s tempo.

Stability and Impact:
When it comes to impact, its construction offers plenty of stability upon contact with the shuttle, ensuring consistent shots even in fast-paced rallies. This stability translates to a smoother playing experience, allowing players to focus on their technique and placement without worrying about erratic shots.

Respectable Smash Power:
While the Abroz Shark Mach II prioritizes control and finesse, it doesn’t compromise on power. The racket boasts a respectable smash score, making it a well-rounded option for players who want to excel in both offensive and defensive aspects of the game.

Weight for Power and Control:
The weight distribution of the Abroz Shark Mach II leans slightly towards power, but this is balanced masterfully with the control it offers. This makes the racket suitable for players who appreciate a balance between generating power and maintaining precision in their shots with a light badminton racket.

The overall design is modern and eye-catching.

Cosmetic quality:
The cosmetic quality score takes into consideration the attention to detail in the design and the precision in the manufacturing process. While the Abroz Shark Mach II might not achieve a perfect score in this aspect, players can rest assured that the slight cosmetic imperfections do not hinder the racket’s ability to perform exceptionally on the court.

Material for more responsive performance
The use of 40T High-Modulus Graphite ensures that the racket can withstand intense gameplay. This material is renowned for its durability, meaning that the Abroz Shark Mach II is designed to maintain its performance and structural integrity over time.

In conclusion, the Abroz Shark Mach II Badminton Racket stands as a testament to innovation and quality in badminton equipment. Its ability to provide increased control, execute a variety of shots with finesse, and maintain stability on impact make it a worthy choice for players seeking a well-rounded racket. Whether you’re a singles player who relies on precise placement or a doubles player looking to dominate the net, the Abroz Shark Mach II is a racket that can elevate your game to the next level.

Remember, the game of badminton is all about finding the right equipment to match your playing style, and the Abroz Shark Mach II offers an impressive blend of control, power, and versatility that is sure to enhance your performance on the court.


Abroz Shark Mach II (6U) Specifications
Frame Material: Super Performance 40T High-Modulus Graphite + Aero Wave System
Shaft Material: 40T High-Modulus Graphite + Slim Shaft
Flex: Medium
Weight: 78g +/- 2 (6U-G2)
Length: 672mm +/- 2
Max Tension: 30 lbs
Balance Point: 305mm +/- 5 (Head Heavy)
Grommet: 76
Shaft Diameter 7.0mm +/- 0.1

Feedbacks received on

i’ve been using this racket for a few months. I can tell Mach ii is easier to get used to, it helps me make powerful shots, very satisfying smashes and it’s easy to control at net. I would recommend this racket for players who wants to swing fast but with little effort. It doesn’t feel bulky or laggy… Overall good racket…

This racket is great BUT the paint chip off is unbelievable. I mean cheaper yonex rackets from 2012 i still play with dont have paint chipping off like this one. but play wise this great for doubles back players

Tejinder singh Pingal(14/09/2022)⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
It is a good racket to have It is fast on the net and feels light but solid in the hand. It provides me with good net drops, flat drives, and fast net kill. Being quick in the air, the defense has improved. I can return smashes with ease and control. I believe this is a great racket for players who love playing closer to the net in doubles. It can also produce good smashed and clears. Overall it is a good racket for me

Ed.L(23/08/2022) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Easy to handle and feels light weight on hand.It has fast swing with very good defends and control. Generate enough power for smash from back court, but need to hold near the end of the handle to give it the extra momentum (maybe due to the light weight). The shaft feel slightly stiffer than medium, so it’s good for accurate power smash. My goto racket for playing fast doubles game.

Beng(01/08/2022) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
bought this one for first time … very suitable with my play style, I like it


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