2017 : Our project with Yayasan Bintang Kidul (BINTANG SOLIBAD) – Build 2 outdoor badminton courts in Harau

Project’s mission: BadmintonBay.com is happy to take up this project for the children. Yayasan Bintang Kidul children need a proper badminton court to practice their badminton skills.

What we can do for them is to build 2 badminton courts (outdoor) with posts and nets.

Construction would take less than a month and is targeted to complete and ready for its inauguration on 23 July 2017, in conjunction with Children’s Day in Indonesia.

Project’s location : BINTANG SOLIBAD in Harau
Building cost : USD 800


Pictures taken on 5th May 2017 showing current open space where children of Yayasan Bintang Kidul play their badminton and volleyball games with the run-down facilities.

Construction began in first week of July 2017

YBK has decided to build the new outdoor concrete courts next to their library (building with horn-like curved roofs).

Pictures taken on 10th July 2017

Below: Workers clearing the construction site


Below : Ready for concrete layering!

Ongoing construction

Pictures taken on 17th July 2017.

Almost ready for the inauguration on 23 July 2017

Pictures taken on 19th July 2017.

Inauguration DAY on 23 July 2017

Look how lovely these kids are and how hard they’s practiced for this! Courts are ready for the opening day, but finishing touch is still on the way.




The main drivers of Project Bintang Solibad in Indonesia, Ms Dominique Gygax and Mr Tri Sugiharto.

Update on 4th October 2017 – Finishing touches on the way


Update on 10th October 2017 – Courts are completed 

A proper place is ready for children of Bintang Harau to play and practice badminton. Badminton Bay is glad to be part of this journey. Thanks to all involved especially Ms Dominique Gygax and Mr Tri Sugiharto.

You can help too by visiting www.Solibad.net.

“Ayuh semua, buat latihan badminton bersama-sama!”



Read about our missions with BINTANG SOLIBAD HERE

To learn more about , please visit www.Solibad.net

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