We Have A Genuine Case Of Fake Yonex Z Force II Racket

Following our blog published recently on ways to check the authenticity of Yonex rackets, we’ve had people coming to our shop to check on their Yonex rackets 😉 

Read here How to know if your Yonex Badminton Rackets are Authentic

And it’s interesting because people start to be aware of their role to ensure that they buy the genuine product at a genuine price. Just yesterday, we had a client who brought in his racket for stringing and that it is a fake one.

Yonex Z Force II

Here’s a real case of what a fake racket looks like compared to a genuine racket. Enjoy the post!

1. Hologram Sticker

TOP: Genuine. BOTTOM: Fake

We can easily spot this when compared apple to apple because original hologram tends to be more “mysterious” with its content are quite hidden and darker in color. Fake hologram is seen to be more shiny and visible.

2) Unique Serial Number

TOP: Genuine. BOTTOM: Fake

With technology in place, serial numbers on fake rackets can be made so similarly because it is also being engraved on both shaft and support cap, so we can’t find any clear difference. Guess they have invested some money on this to close the difference gap. 

3) Bottom Cap’s Color

TOP: Genuine. BOTTOM: Fake

Mild difference between the 2 green shades but the font used in ‘JAPAN’ clearly shows the difference. 


In a nutshell

Counterfeit items are unauthorized replicas of the original and are being treated and sometimes sold at the original item’s price. This is not acceptable as the fakes are taking advantage of the value of something worth more.

Because of this we support Yonex and all other original brand manufacturers as we are authorized dealer for Yonex, Abroz, Victor,  Apacs, Fleet, Flex Power, Molten, Butterfly and we sell 100% genuine products.

We’ll keep posting new articles pertaining this issue, so keep following us!

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30 Comments on "We Have A Genuine Case Of Fake Yonex Z Force II Racket"

  1. I just love your blog, thanks for sharing such a nice information about Badminton .This is a very good post which I really enjoy reading

  2. racket model: Yonex Voltric ZForce 2 Yellow
    shaft serial: 8099424
    cone code : 202018JP

  3. Thank you for posting such amazing information. That’s really helpful how you teach to find out fake yonex products.

  4. badminton_player | February 7, 2021 at 1:52 pm | Reply

    Is there any difference in how the racket plays between the real and fake racquets? As I understand some brands (lining) subcontract their racquet making to manufacturing companies that specialize in this. These (chinese) companies have the equipment and technology to make the racquets, but make these rackets for the brand. Thus they may be not “authentic”, but are they any different from the real ones? Furthermore, these some of these “fake” racquets can be a lot cheaper than the full priced ones.

    • Hi there,
      One thing for sure is, if a racket is branded, the brand is responsible for its quality in finishing, design, features as well as performance. Quality assurance and testing process should have been in place, therefore they are better rackets regardless of whether they are expensive or not.

      On the other hand, fake rackets usually do not go through the quality assurance process. And they are not necessarily cheap, some are sold at the price of originals and that’s even more annoying.

      Another point is, expensive rackets do not mean they are best rackets for a player, it all depends on the usage and suitability in terms of weight, balance point and sometimes design.
      Therefore, we strongly suggest, always buy originals.

      Hope this answers your question 😉

  5. Recently, I bought a yonex voltrix racket through lazada, the frame was bent when I tried put it in medium tension string. it was totally fragilable and soft if compare to authentic racquet. Howver, seller still claimed that it is a authentic product. Currently, I was living in jb, could u provide me an address of local yonex distributor so I can report the counterfeit issue?

    • Hi Quek,
      Assuming jb means Johor Bahru, you may contact Malaysia’s distributor.

      Sunrise-Sports Sdn. Bhd.
      Address 14-1, Jalan 6/91, Taman, Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
      phone 60-3-92855123
      fax 60-3-92855517
      website http://www.sunriseclick.com

      Hope it helps!

      – BadmintonBay.com team

  6. Hi , I would like to ask , does every Yonex racket has the hologram sticker on it because I just bought a new Astrox 99 online and it doesn’t have it and the seller says it’s not original from Japan but they said it’s an OEM racket and said the frame was made in Japan but carbon finish was done in China . Can I ask if this means it’s a fake racket and might snap easily . And also please tell me more on what is OEM because I’m very confused about it

    • Hi Mr Wong,

      Thanks for your questions.
      First of all, hologram sticker should be present in all original Yonex rackets made in China, Taiwan or Japan.
      Secondly, OEM means factories provide the option of a brand owner to put their brand on the product they produce based on requirements they specify.
      Lastly, only buy from reliable source, be it online or offline (physical stores). Make sure they are authorized dealer for original manufacturers.
      Please contact your local Yonex distributor about the racket you bought to report any counterfeit.

      Have a great day!
      – BadmintonBay.com

  7. hi, i would like to know if the serial number in the racquet comes with only numbers followed by SP or any other alphabets comes in the series like example 0248H6SP sort of…??? to find it as a genuine one or not???

    • Hi Charlie,
      Thanks for your enquiry. Best to way is to contact your local distributor to check on the genuity of your racket because unfortunately, we can’t tell by the number.

      Have a great day!
      – BadmintonBay.Com

  8. I just love your blog, thanks for sharing such a nice information about Badminton .

  9. Thanks for the great post Catherine. This surely helps. I recently bought my Yonex racket from sportsuncle and checked it and it is geuine. I bought from them after reading good reviews about the company and their product quality.

  10. i wanna buy it how ican buy that racket whays the cost of it.

  11. Very useful blog 👍👍

  12. Yonex voltric z force 2 hasn’t
    Zig zag grommate

    • Hi there,
      It’s not really zig zag in a way that it’s really obvious, the arrangement of about 4 grommets at 10-11 o’clock has a subtle zig zag pattern. Sadly, we’ve come across some counterfeit rackets having this special feature built too. Looks like counterfeit manufacturers have the ability to keep up with the technology.

      – Badminton Bay

  13. What meaning for SP logo

    • Hi there, SP stands for Sunrise Sports’s distribution code. All rackets distributed from this Singapore-based company carries SP code. It covers rackets distributed to SE region countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines & Vietnam . It also covers Hong Kong and India.

      However, recently new rackets that come in our store has no ‘SP’ printed on the shaft. This applies only to some newly produced rackets such as the Yonex Arcsaber 11, Yonex Voltric FB, Astroxx 77 etc.

      We’ll see changes here and there, but in a nutshell, get your rackets only from authorised dealers.

      – Badminton Team

  14. Hello how can I spot my yonex cb21 so bat in which golden colour on bottom

  15. This is a fake one! Stop cheating the people

    • Yes, unfortunately we still receive many fake Yonex rackets sent in by customers for restringing. From there, we know the market is still available. In this post, hope we can help people aware of the situation and be educated in distinguishing between genuine and fake ones.

      Rest assured, all our products are genuine, 100% original from top brand manufacturers.

  16. Btw, this is a good blog too. 🙂

    Many Thanks.

  17. Hello, Can you please write a blog on how to check a genuine APACS racket? I can’t seems to find any post mentioning about this.


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