Want To Improve Your Mental Health?

What are the reasons you play badminton?

There are countless reasons people play badminton. 

Some of you may love to play to have an active lifestyle. Some of you may love to be with friends and family, and would look forward to the special big meal after their badminton games. Most of you may be playing to keep up with your badminton idols.

Do you know that you can stay mentally healthy too by playing badminton regularly?

If you are mentally healthy, you’ll show positive characteristics in the way you feel about yourself, how you treat people and everything surrounding yourself and how you manage your feelings towards things that happen around you. 

You are mentally healthy if :

  • You are always grateful and in a state of being happy and satisfied.
  • You always know when to laugh and have fun.
  • You know how to find good solutions when you come to face stress or difficulties
  • You are able to focus on the purpose of all your life events by maintaining good relationships with the people and things around you.
  • You are okay with new things and changes.
  • You have good balance between work and fun time.
  • You are confident and happy.

Playing badminton after a hard day’s work helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression. You’ll sweat yourself out and detox along the way without you knowing it. So start feeling good by playing badminton now!

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