Badminton Improvement Program PART ONE: How to smash

Thank you for taking the time to drop by and kudos to you for choosing to develop your badminton smashing skills.
Let us go through the objective of this training series.  It will help you improve the overall way you play badminton.

It will also help you

  • Feel more satisfied with the shots during your badminton games.
  • Impress your badminton buddies on how much you’ve improved.
  • Bring out the best potential in the racket you own.
  • Reduce injuries while playing.

Why are we creating this improvement program for you?
"Everyone needs a coach. It doesn't matter whether you're a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast, or a bridge player." - Bill Gates
We gained invaluable insights from thousands of questions and feedbacks over 15 years of experience answering to players’ questions and we understand the essential needs of real everyday badminton players. 

Injuries happening inside badminton courts are unfortunate but they are inevitable part of badminton sports that can also be prevented at the same time.

Badminton players not only need to be reminded of how they get those injuries, they must also understand the essential preventive measures that starts with the right racket, then the right way to play badminton. 

We have a
ssisted players with injury problems by providing badminton equipment options that would help them continue playing badminton without further injuries.

Besides that, playing with the right techniques is essential to develop good badminton skills and most of all make badminton more enjoyable. Badminton players need to know the correct way to execute every shot and to do that, they need to be coached too.

We have tried out many badminton training materials and after testing this one ourselves, we are sure we have found ‘the one’ that definitely works and shows highly effective results.

In this episode, we will start with everyone’s favourite skill – SMASHING.

Why learn SMASHing?

Are your smashes causing shoulder and wrist pain?
Are you tired after smashing for a few times?
Are your smashes not fast enough for your opponents?

Smashing is the ultimate skill every badminton player wishes to master. It provides the most satisfying feeling, most stylish way for winning points. On the other hand, smashing is very difficult to master, not consistent even for professionals, it’s also the main reason that causes injury (shoulder, wrist, knee, spine etc).
Watch video below and be impressed with Coach Han’s clear visual demonstration.

Here’s the easy step-by-step summary of the above smashing technique video by Coach Han.

  1. Get in ready position – racket and shuttle in sight
  2.  Set grip on racket loose and relaxed (5 Easy-To-Follow Basic Grips)
  3.  Set feet on rhythm.
  4. Body position – turn side way by moving one leg behind, open chest and keep racket and shuttle in sight.
  5. Make sure grip is forehand grip, if not (maintain loose and relaxed grip). 
  6. Take one or two side steps to the back to keep shuttle in front view.
  7. Pull back racket until it almost touch your back and start the throwing action.
  8. During the throwing action, use pronation to generate the racket momentum.
  9. Remember to keep grip loose and relaxed, allowing for free wrist movement.
  10. Only tighten grip on impact of shuttle.
  11. Impact distribution upon hitting.
  12. Do not use your whole shoulder to do full swing.
  13. Execute impact swing.
  14. Go back to ready position after smash.

Watch the video as many times as you need to remember the steps.
By watching the recommended video, you can gain an understanding of how to utilize the kinetic chain in order to generate greater power in your shots, which can ultimately improve your overall performance.

What’s holding you back?

“I can’t do it without a coach”.
” I can’t monitor my own progress”
” I do not know if I’ve done it correctly or not”

Here’s what you can try doing.

Have practise sessions with your badminton buddies in order to make improvement.

It will take time to change existing smashing habit, you must unlearn then learn.

Rewatch the training video.

Practice swinging racket at home without a shuttle (becareful not to hit the ceiling).
Personally, we’ve tried what Coach Han taught and this is what one of our colleagues mentioned.
“I immediate feel the difference. I went through 2 sessions doing only that and finally found the rhythm on the 3rd session. Now I play better and I have no more shoulder ache”

In the next part of the training series you will see the actual training in action and improvement by the end of the video. Stay tuned…

Did you learn something new? Let us know. Please comment below…

Your comments, suggestions and any feedbacks are valuable to us and we will answer them in our next posts.

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  1. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this program. You are providing so much help!

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