Badminton Improvement Program PART TWO: Anyone can do powerful smashes

Congratulations and thank you for having gone through PART ONE-How to smash of this badminton improvement program. You may click this link to go to PART ONE.

Let us recap on the objective of this training series.  It will help you improve the overall way you play badminton.

It will also help you

  • Feel more satisfied with the shots during your badminton games.
  • Impress your badminton buddies on how much you’ve improved.
  • Bring out the best potential in the racket you own.
  • Reduce injuries while playing.

We’ve received thousands of questions and feedbacks over 15 years of experience, we have gained a lot of insights and have found out the essential needs of real everyday badminton players. It is not complicated if players understand the basis of their needs instead of frantically looking for equipments based only on price, that could be wrong for them.

Badminton is a physically demanding sport. We do understand the needs of players and have assisted those with injury problems in choosing the right equipment instead of recommending them with something that’s only popular and looks good but is out of their scope of capabilities.

Playing with the right technique is very essential to develop good badminton skills and makes badminton more enjoyable.

We have tried out a lot training methods and materials on the internet but we have found one that after testing ourselves is really effective and shows the best results.

Here we will start with everyone’s favourite skill – smashing.

Why is smashing an important skill to develop in badminton? It is every badminton player’s dream to master this skill and it’s the ‘reason’ for many who are playing badminton. Smashing is the most satisfying feeling for all players, if it is executed correctly, most winning point can possibly be attained using this attacking skill in a game.

On the other hand, smashing is very difficult to master as it can often be inconsistent due to wrong timing. It might also cause injury during the smashing process.

Don’t worry. If you follow closely what we are recommending you next, you will be on your way to feeling more satisfied with your game, especially with your smashes. Plus, your badminton buddies will be impressed by the improvements you show.

Feedback from two players who have used this training:-

Comment from an intermediate player:
I have been having problem generating power on my smashes consistently and also in some days getting shoulder pain after the day game. I have been playing badminton 20 years and considered an intermediate player.

After learning from couch Han video and practise a few weeks, I’m happy to say that my smash speed had significantly improved, on top of that I can make more smashes during the game as it take less effort to make powerful smashes. Most importantly, I do not have shoulder pain like I used to get when swinging my shoulder harder to generate the power.

Comment from a total beginner:
I am a 46-year-old mother and I am not a serious badminton player. I played casually with kids with all wrong styles and techniques you could think of and have not been a big fan of playing badminton. Recently, I joined a badminton group and is motivated to improve myself just to have more fun playing with those good regular players and to prevent injuries.

I used this training method and trained for a month with my husband. I could see instant improvement on the third day of training. For the first time in my life, I am enjoying my games more because I don’t have to worry about injuring myself again.

Please watch video in part one first for clearer step-by-step visual demonstration if you have missed it.
Watch video below to see instant improvement shown by a player coached by Coach Han.

Are you having any doubt?
Every player who wants to train would have these thought-provoking questions:

“Will the technique work for everyone?”
“Will it work for me?”
“How long will I get to see results?”
“Will this training reduce injury?”

This is a proven technique, it’s the same method where professional players are using too.

The video recommended above helps you to understand and utilise the kinetic chain that can help you generate more power in the shots and improve your overall performance.

With practice this looks easier than you think. But it will take some time to replace the bad habit swinging that was developed over the years.

How long will your smashes show result depends on how many hours you practice per week. Generally it takes around two practice session to see some improvement, and maybe one to two months if your practice is consistent. Don’t be discouraged as everyone is different when learning a new skill.

Remember to keep training to see progress. Even after you achieved the result you want, keep practising to make sure the consistency is there. As the saying goes, “Amateurs train until they get it right.
Professionals train until they cannot get it wrong.”― José N. Harris

Besides applying good techniques in badminton, the right equipments to go along would definitely help too.  Having a suitable good racket is a plus point.

These are biggest and most common mistakes non-professional players make during equipment selection.

1. Too high string tension applied on racket
Players need more effort to generate the power required for smashes which may cause injury due to over exertion of muscles.

2. Excessive heavy racket
Heavy rackets make it hard to manoeuvre, player’s arm gets tired fast, it is hard to pull multiple smashes throughout the game. Even though the extra weight of a heavy badminton racket could help to provide some momentum during swing, you’ll first need to have more training like the professionals to handle the weight.

3. Expensive Pro racket 
Pro rackets usually have stiff to very stiff shaft. Professional players are trained and are able to use this feature in a racket to place accurate shots during attack. As for the non-professionals, players need more effort to generate the power required for smashes.

Here are the general guide to your badminton equipment from string tension to racket selection:-
The recommended tension range:-

Beginners: 19-21 lbs
Intermediate: 22-24 lbs
Advanced: 25-27 lbs
Professional: 28-32 lbs

Light weight rackets are more agile, which means with little effort it is possible to move it around quickly and easily. This is why most beginners up to advanced players choose lighter rackets for ease of use and manageability.

On the racket’s flexibility level, a racket that’s too stiff (like those for professionals) may cause injury due to the vibration upon hitting a shot. A badminton racket’s shaft should always bend resiliently during a hit. It therefore requires a trained fit arm, strength conditioning and training.

In a nutshell, having a medium flexibility shaft on racket works best for most non-professional players.

There will be continuous learning in this badminton improvement series. Keep following us and stay tuned if you are ready for our next blog. You should be on the lookout for our next email, because we will take your transformation to the next level. 

Did you learn something new? Let us know. Please comment below…

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