How To Check Yonex Unique Check Digit On Your Yonex Products

After publishing several blog posts (all are listed below) on some simple methods to identify genuine Yonex rackets and strings, we know that Yonex badminton fans like you need to make sure that all Yonex products you buy is original.
Here’s another video you can watch to check further.

We’ll show you How To Check Yonex Unique Check Digit On Your Yonex Products

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2 Simple Basic Steps To Identify If Your Yonex Badminton Strings Are Genuine Or Fake.

If you suspect that your Yonex products are fake, we strongly suggest that you contact your local distributor for further investigation. Enjoy the video!


Silver rectangle stickers can only be found on all original Yonex products distributed under Sunrise & Co (Pte) Ltd.

Sunrise & Co (Pte) Ltd. is one of Yonex authorized distributors in the Asia region. Headquartered in Singapore, it is one of the leading wholesalers/distributors of branded sports equipment, accessories, apparel and sports footwear in several countries of South East Asia and South Asia including : Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives, Bangladesh and Nepal.
Find out all about Sunrise & Co (Pte) Ltd in below llink.

For the list of authorized Yonex distributors worldwide, please click link below.

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In a nutshell

Counterfeit items are unauthorized replicas of the original and are being treated and sometimes sold at the original item’s price. This is not acceptable as the fakes are taking advantage of the value of something worth more.

Because of this we support Yonex and all other original brand manufacturers as we are authorized dealer for Yonex, Abroz,  Apacs, Felet, Flex Power, Molten, Butterfly and we sell 100% genuine products.

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