Jumping Smash Technique

Would you want to execute and do a perfect smash in your badminton game?

A Badminton Smash is an offensive shot usually played from the rear court down into the opponent mid court.

Jumping Smash is the one of most powerful overhead shot in badminton. Executed well and your opponent will have hard time returning the shot.

Delivered by a professional player the shuttle can reach the speed of more than 300kph. The current smash speed world record holder is by Tan Boon Heong at 493km/h on 28th July 2013.

Smash Technique

1) Start by getting into position

Move to the shuttle and position yourself at a spot where the shuttle will fall slightly towards the front right side of your head. (Assuming you are using right hand to hold the racket)

Use a side way stance, with the rear foot (racket foot) back and parallel to the back line. The stance should be wide.

Using a relaxed forehand grip, bring the racket back with the racket string facing downward.

Raise up the non-racket arm for balance, and to gauge the best spot and height to contact the shuttle. Raising the arm will also automatically bring the racket shoulder back, creating a position with the shoulder and elbow of both arms in a line looking over the front hand.

Load the rear leg muscles to get ready to generate power.

Hold the racket in a relaxed grip. A tight grip will hinder your wrist-work.


2) Swing the racket

When the shuttle almost reaches the highest point that you feel you can hit it, jump up and swing your racket back (not hitting yet). The head of the racket should be at a position somewhere between your shoulder blades.

Then drive through and swing your racket forward hitting the shuttle in front of you. The best hitting zone on the string bed is located above the central zone of the racket head. And the area of contact should be just slightly in front and above your right shoulder.

As you hit the shot, transfer your body weight from the rear foot to the front following the natural rhythm of your smash. Aim the swing of the racket at your target area and follow through the stroke by bringing the racket down diagonally towards the left side of your body. (non-racket side)

(Tips: Tighten your grip on impact to maintain control of the shuttle and transfer the energy into your shot. When you tighten the grip, the main pressure should come from the last 3 fingers and thumb. The role of the index finger is to steady and maintain control of the racket.)

As you land use a wide stance, with the non-racket foot down first then follow by the racket foot in a quick succession and recover to your ready position.

Practice this forehand smash drill often and you will be on your way to execute the perfect smash.

PS: Remember that getting the right timing, speed and power will take time and practice, so be patient and keep going.

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